Downey might eject from Gravity


Though the official reason given is ‘scheduling conflicts’, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Robert Downey Jr has skipped on “Gravity” simply because the film is taking too long to get off – ironically enough, since it’s about a female engineer who heads to space – the ground.

Downey had remained attached to the Alfonso Cuaron directed project for over a year – he stuck with it even when Angelina Jolie jumped capsule, and he was even gracious enough to keep his name on it when the entrance to the film’s production offices installed a revolving door, testing and talking to every young actress in Hollywood (Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson), in an effort to find a female lead. Sandra Bullock signed on to star in the film a couple of weeks back, at which stage Downey was still willing to co-star.

Though Downey was only going to play a small part in the project, word has reached Deadline that the “Iron Man” star can’t fit it in at all now (he will be busy with “The Avengers”). Warner Bros are denying reports that the actor won’t be in the film but the site are sticking to their guns. Deadline does say, however, that there’s a chance the production might work around Downey’s schedule (if that is indeed the reason he’s gotten cold feet).

”The studio is saying they expect to work out the scheduling problems, and executives certainly have access to Downey at the moment because he’s junketing the Todd Phillips-directed Due Date. I’m also hearing that Bullock is among those lobbying him to stay”, says Deadline.

Downey told Moviehole earlier this year that he was excited at the prospect of working on the film.

“I’m working with Alfonso Cauron on this 3D Space movie about people trying to fix the hubble telescope. It’s been really inspiring talking to Cauron – he lives in London, but he’s originally from Mexico City, and there’s a little bit of a language barrier but he’s a brilliant guy and a thoughtful guy”.