Indiana Jones to get in your face!


I’ll never forget the first time I didn’t see “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

It was ’82. We were off to the cinema. Don’t believe we had figured out what we were going to see. Arrived at the foyer and saw two posters stapled to their respective boards – one for “Empire Strikes Back”, showing in the theater to the left, and one for “Raiders”, playing on a screen at my top right. I’d seen “Empire” (probably numerous times by that point) but hadn’t seen, let alone heard much about, “Raiders”. But a true testament to my devotion of everything “Star Wars”, I decided to go with “Empire”. Again.

That day, I felt like I did wrong by “Raiders”. Like the pimply girl that asks you to the dance that you later discover is actually quite a nice girl, I should’ve probably given it a shot. It’s unlikely I’d have been disappointed – after all, it’s producer directed “Star Wars” and it’s star, for crying out loud, was ‘Han Solo’!But I didn’t. I didn’t go there. I guess the Force’s gravitational pull was just too much for this weak padawan.

I saw “Raiders” probably a month later and, yes, loved it. Granted it was no “Empire” but it was still better than it’s pulpy poster projected. And to this day, the Indiana Jones trilogy (I’m trying to convince myself “Crystal Skull” never happened) remains one of most favourite film franchises… I’m always returning to it. “Raiders”, in particular, is a hoot! Ford, Denholm, Spirits in the Ark, Feisty Karen Allen, ‘Snakes!’, Vic Armstrong… golden movie.

I probably have more of a personal connection to “Temple of Doom” considering it was one of the films that kicked off my love affair with cinema there in 1984. It’s also the film that saw my pocket money going bye-bye rather quickly, as I rushed to buy “Temple” T-Shirts and whatever else I could find with Indy or Monkey Brains on it.

The first three Indiana Jones films are great pics, I dare say they couldn’t be improved…. not even with a finely-tuned 3D overlay.

Yep, like the recently announced 3D “Star Wars” films that are in the works there, Lucasfilm are also said to be adding the gimmick to the “Indiana Jones” movies.

Blue Sky Disney say they expect their report to be backed up by an official confirmation in a month.

As terrific as it’ll be to have the three “Indiana” films back on the big screen, I don’t think they need run them in 3D to put bums on seats. Believe me, people would still pay to see the same ol’ untouched old-school cigarette-burnt print. I know I would.