Ryan Kwanten is Charlie Manson


Bon Temps resident hounddog Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”) will star in Scott ‘The Machinist’ Kosar’s “The Family”, the tyro director’s long-gestating Charles Mansion movie.

”The movie won’t focus on the Manson murders. Nor is it a Manson biopic. It’s a family biopic. A movie about a surrogate family of wayward teenagers who, through extraordinary circumstances, came together and were transformed into the most notorious American family of the 20th century. Hence the title”, Kosar tells Shock Till You Drop.

”It is not a horror film, though the subject is inherently horrific. The goal is to do, finally, after forty years, the first authentic film about the so-called Manson Family. Unlike other films on the subject, The Family will also spend time getting to know the victims, particularly Sharon Tate, who will be portrayed very sympathetically.”

Kwanten will play Charles Manson.