New Green Lantern Clips!


It’s been a good month for both ‘Green’ movies.

“Green Lantern” has magnetized a wealth of oooh’s and ahhh’s from those that attended the recent set visits, and “Green Hornet” has proved itself to be the longshot with legs.

Firstly, to “Hornet”.

Considering the film’s test screenings scores have been – shock! – going through the roof (something like 93% positive!), there’ll definitely be a few more folks interested in seeing the film. Most of us had written off the Seth Rogen-starring actioner as the first sure-fire dud of 2010, but high test scores and progressively increasing buzz ostensibly proves otherwise. Good for them!

Meanwhile, “Lantern” has a new trailer premiering on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

In the lead up to the ‘premiere’, the site has – as they do – run a promo, featuring some brief snippets from said trailer.