Bill Burr : Let It Go


By Ashley Hillard

Chappelle’s Show alum Bill Burr’s new DVD, ”Let It Go”, is refreshing. The Boston born comedian has an interesting approach to every day things and seems to contradict himself during his routine, which is pretty funny in itself. He has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO and BET and has a podcast on his website.

Filmed at The Fillmore in San Francisco, a beautiful and legendary theater, the location adds a nice touch visually to the routine. Burr makes fun of overweight people, kids and conspiracy theories in a self effacing way. He tells the audience that people who don’t work on themselves and that are afraid of banks and keep money in their walls shouldn’t have kids. Later he jokes about how he doesn’t really trust banks but does want kids. He compares toddlers to Tarantino films and gives really good insight, in an offensive way, into the ways in which men are forced to suppress their feelings by society.

Burr’s animated expressions also play up his points and add some physical comedy to the routine. He gets somewhat personal, talking about his girlfriend and their issues, including how she went ahead and adopted a pit bull for both of them to take care of without talking to him about it first.

He is very funny and though there are a few dips and a joke that can be seen as pretty offensive due to language, overall the jokes are solid and the hour long time frame seems just right.


Bonus materials include I’m Blind / Thank You, two earlier routines where Burr banters with audience members, as well as Let It Go Outtakes of jokes that didn’t make it into the final cut, as well as a mess up or two. Burr also includes The Monday Morning Podcast, where he’s filmed, in his pajamas, during a podcast. The best part of the extras is when he makes an accurate point about Los Angeles, there are skyscrapers but no people, like zombies have taken over. This is a DVD that you can play at a party and most everyone will enjoy it.

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