Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides Teaser Poster


The House of Mouse has – in between pimping TRON Legacy and organizing the annual Christmas party at, no less, than the Haunted Mansion – found time to pass along the teaser poster for “Pirates of the Carbbean : On Stranger Tides”.

The film’s title doesn’t refer to the bootleggers that work out of the name-sharing outer Melbourne markets on a Sunday, but rather the fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. But you knew that. And no doubt, didn’t appreciate that inane attempt at humour. “On Stranger Tides” stars a former undercover cop (Johnny Depp), a boisterous saloon owner (Ian McShane), A guy who’ll voice any claymation character so long as he’s named after a breakfast cereal (Geoffrey Rush) and the woman whose kindly passed her body bugs to Katie Holmes’ nether regions (Penelope Cruz).  It’s out next year.