Jeff Bridges wants to reprise another character


It likely goes without saying – considering it took him the best part of a decade to agree to reprise Kevin Flynn for a “TRON” sequel (I was friends with the actor’s online publicist there for a while and remember hearing that Bridges, though intrigued by the prospect of a new “TRON”, would keep knocking it back) – but Jeff Bridges isn’t a sequels guy.

Yeah, so he’s now done two “TRON” movies, and he did sequelize “The Last Picture Show” by way of “Texasville”, but other than those, Bridges likes his characters to be one-off’s.

Doing “TRON Legacy” seems to have sparked something in Bridges – all of a sudden, he’s not so opposed to sequels. I’m guessing he, like so many of us, have always considered sequels inferior. But things are different now, sometimes (as was the case with “The Dark Knight” and “Casino Royale”) seconds can be better than firsts.

While Bridges is all for reprising ‘The Dude’ for a “Big Lebowski” sequel, he’s said time and time again that it won’t happen. And he’s probably right, The Coen’s don’t like to repeat themselves – and it’s doubtful anyone would want to even touch, let alone be in, a follow-up that didn’t involve them.

So what character is Bridges interested in reprising next? Starman? Terry Brogan? Max Klein? The Fisher King? ‘Jimmy’ Dove?

Nope, none of them. He’s gunning to play Duane Jackson. Again.

“I made a movie a while ago called Texasville, that was a sequel to The Last Picture Show, both based on Larry McMurtry books”, the actor said in an interview with Total Film.

“Now Larry has three more books in that series that I’d love to do. I don’t know if there’s ever been a series of movies like that made with the original actors and director that span that length of time.

“To show them all back-to-back would be crazy. So I kind of like that idea.”

Of course bringing Bridges back would also require bringing Cybill Shepherd back, who was the actor’s female love interest in the previous films. Does Cybill even act anymore? Would a studio even want to slap her name and face on a poster in this day and age? As much as I love “Moonlighting”, I just don’t know.

“Last Picture Show” is a wonderful film. Set in a small town in north Texas during the year November 1951 – October 1952, it is about the coming of age of two friends, Sonny Crawford (Timothy Bottoms) and Duane Jackson (Jeff Bridges). Shepherd plays Jacy Farrow, the prettiest (and wealthiest) girl in town.

The books that follow “Last Picture Show” and “Texasville” are (in order of release) : “Duane’s Depressed”, “When The Light Goes”, and “Rhino Ranch : A Novel”.