Hough talks Footloose remake


You all know, as cherry-faced as I should be admitting it, what a big of “Footloose” I am, right?

Heck, I’ll quote from my Caffeinated Clint Greats article on the 1984 classic : ““Footloose” was more about ogling beautiful women (see below) – it was a wonderfully composed tale of breaking tradition, being one’s self, and contemplating having one’s lungs removed by spoon. And yes, like “Xanadu” (er, shuddup!!) and ABC’s Poison Arrow, the film was a big part of my formulative pre-teen years. I’d seen “Footloose” at the cinema (and the cinema had also seen me take my dancing skills to the front of the theatre, where I preceded to reenact the film’s key dance sequences for the unsuspecting audience – no, this was years before the ‘drinking from a flask in highschool’ stage) but it was on BETA that I really got to know the movie. Try every word. Try every lyric. Try every tractor roar. “Footloose”, if memory serves me correct, was the first video tape I purchased with my own money. It was a sell-thru copy that cost me $20 (in those days, that was a real bargain; a few years later I’d purchase a copy of “Child’s Play” for the wholesale price of $110). And boy was it worth every cent. I think you’ll find the video tape more worn than my Whitesnake-era tight pants. That’s saying something.”

They’ve just completed a remake – by ‘they’, I mean director Craig Brewer (“Hustle & Flow”) and stars Kenny Wormald (As Ren) and Julianne Hough (As Ariel). It’s supposed to be Okay, largely because it’s not so much a remake as it is a film version of the ‘musical’.

…. or is it?

In an interview with Screen Junkies, Hough says the film is actually a redo of the Kevin Bacon-starring original.

It’s “Less based on the stage musical, it’s more like the original movie”, says the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant. “I’m so happy because I’ve been attached to it for so long, probably about a year and a half now. It was going to be a big musical and I was going to sing in it and dance in it. Then they changed directors and cast and everything. It’s so wonderful that everything happened the way that it did to get to where it’s at.”

“It’s so true to the original and so fitting for our time the way the script is done right now,” Hough said. “I don’t really dance that much in it. I mean, I do but I had to kind of, not dumb down my dancing but tone it down a little bit. ‘Tone down the hairography’ is what Craig Brewer and I called it.”

The movie, which also stars Dennis Quaid and , is out 2011.