Sarah Lieving


If Casper Van Dien is the go-to guy for science fiction thrillers, then Sarah Lieving is undoubtedly the genre’s go-to girl. Establishing her skills on several cult SyFy Channel hits including ”Beast of Brey Road”, ”King of the Lost World” and ”Dunwich Horror”, Sarah is now set to star in the highly anticipated sci-fi adventures ”Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus” and ”Super Shark”.Clint Morris caught up with Lieving to get the lowdown on the small screen scarefests.

Were you a little bit reluctant to do that first SyFy film initially (I imagine the title evoked a smile?), or were just glad to be working?

What?!  How could anyone possibly turn down a movie with a title like MegaShark vs Crocosaurus? I did have quite a good laugh but especially because I had just wrapped another shark movie (Supershark) with the director’s Father.  Small world… but yes, you’re right.  I am always happy to be working.

Was this latest one a fun shoot? Are you well and truly comfortable working opposite… well, effects-to-be-added-later?

It was a blast!  The human cast was great and didn’t have any problems with mechanical sharks on this one! In the effects-to-be-added-later world, it is almost as if I never grew up. Instead of monsters in the closet I have giant imaginary sharks chasing me down the beach. Imagination is important!

What’s the film about?

The title really does give it all away but I am not gonna tell you who wins in the end…

How did you first get involved with the SyFy channel?

Goodness, it goes back to Beast of Bray Road. We made it about five years ago and I will still get phone calls from friends asking me if they just saw me turn into a werewolf. They play it all the time. That was the first of many. SyFy and The Asylum are a good team and they keep me busy.

You’ve moved into the feature film arena with a role in a new Mandy Moore film, I believe?

I did Lakeview Terrace a few years back but yes, it has been a while. Love, Wedding, Marriage is a Romantic Comedy and it was so nice to be a part of it. It was Dermot Mulroney’s first directing project and the cast is just full of talented people. I am a sucker for romance as well so it was a dream come true.

What’s the lowdown on your new “Witches of Oz” movie?

I play the wicked witch of the East…the original wearer of the ruby slippers. I shot everything on green screen. Yet another film where imagination really helped.   I lost my voice the first day because of all the cackling but hey,  I’m a pro at cackling now! The story is post-Wizard of Oz…it takes places many year later. I’ve worked on 8 movies with Leigh Scott, the director. He has got such a creative mind and this movie will showcase it.

You’ve a great look – ever tried out for any superhero roles!? I hear they’re casting the female lead for the new Batman this month!?

Now THAT would be a dream come true. When I first met Scott Lobdell, he guessed that I was either an actor or a superhero. He is now developing a series for SyFy about a couple with Superpowers (Ball and Chain)… I will keep my fingers crossed!