Lindsay Lohan Lovelace news sucks!


Disney piglet turned slammer squealer Lindsay Lohan may be dumped from Inferno’s long proposed biopic about ’70s pornstar Linda Lovelace.

Director Matthew Wilder hints that another actress may be brought in to replace the troubled tweenstar – and they’re not on probation.

“We have been through a lot with this project,” he told “Although [Lohan] is still our number one choice, we do have a plan B if she cannot film ‘Inferno.'”

Wilder had previously said that – and this was after Lohan’s two DUI busts – the production would stand behind Lohan and that she was still their one and only choice for the role of Lovelace. Nice about face, huh!?

What may have fueled Wilder’s decision to replace Lohan is the fact that, despite getting a daypass from rehab over the weekend, the actress didn’t touch base with Wilder or his team regarding the film.

This is the film time Wilder has said that the movie will go on with or without Lohan.