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Video interview with Monsters Gareth Edwards

Shot on his recent trip to Australia

A week ago or so we had a chat to Gareth Edwards, the writer/director of a fiscally-friendly but oh-so-funky thriller called “Monsters”. Now if you haven’t seen the film, or don’t live close to a theatre showing it, then remove yourself from the couch cushion and fill the car up with unleaded – it’s well worth a look!

A new featurette has come online in which Edwards talks about the making of the film. The video was shot about a fortnight ago in Melbourne, so it’s very recent.

In addition, Edwards features on last week’s Moviehole Hole Cast. In my chat with the amiable British filmmaker, we cover everything from ‘What’s better, a Mac or a PC?’, Whether “Cloverfield” was a big influence on him, and whether or not he might return to ‘the world’ of “Monsters” in the near future. Slip ya buds into ya lobes, and give it a listen at itunes.

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