Hole Cast #12 : Harry Potter


A weekly podcast in which the Moviehole staff, headed by Clint Morris, talk up the latest in cinema releases, chat about what’s happening in Hollywood, interview celebrities, and take a look back at the films of yesteryear. Regular segments include Flashback, Mailbag and Caffeinated Clint.

This Week : Clint and guest co-host ‘Mandy the publicist’ talk “Tangled”, “Star Wars”, “Buffy” and “Harry Potter” as well as flashback to December of 1988 to remember- or not remember – “The Naked Gun”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Child’s Play” and “Mystic Pizza”. We also pay tribute to Bea Arthur’s legs, and head over to Melrose Place to have apple martini’s with Amanda Woodward.

Ep 11 : Special Guest – Mandy


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