Stiller, Franco aboard Baumbach’s next


Ben Stiller in another Noah Baumbach movie?

Erm, OK… I guess.

Sorry, did that sound a little too negative? Pessimistic?

Look, I didn’t hate “Greenberg”, and I’ll admit Ben Stiller was terrific in it (probably his finest turn since “Permanent Midnight”), but the film just needed a GPS – didn’t have much direction. Again, I liked it… but it’s a film I so wanted to love. Maybe I’ll go back and watch it again one day (if only for the divine Greta Gerwig) but as it stands, it’s just a good movie – no more, no less – in my opinion.

Stiller and Baumbach are getting back together for “While We’re Young”, says The Hollywood Reporter. James Franco, on a real wild career revival at the moment thanks to “The Pineapple Express”, “Howl” and “127 Hours”, is also in talks to do the film. Cate Blanchett’s already onboard. Not bad company.

Thankfully, this one’s said to be more ‘commercial’ than “Greenberg” and fixes on “a free-spirited couple who have an impact on a documentarian and his wife, getting the latter duo to loosen up.”

Already sounds much more like my pint of lager.