Mel Gibson’s Beaver gets a release date!


Film Plugger extraordinaire Mandy and I were just waxing lyrical about this on the weekend’s Hole Cast – What will become of Mel Gibson’s Beaver? No, we weren’t speaking about the blokes’ sudden ability to scare away tail, but his flick, “The Beaver”, the one that Steve Carell was supposed to do (and how the studio wish he probably did, right!?), which now, of course, has a big Grey cloud hanging over it because of Gibbo’s tarnished reputation.

The test market is the UK, I believe, where the man-and-his-puppet movie is opening in February. News in today is that Summit has scheduled the film for a Spring 2011 release – at which time Gibson and his rep may be on the road to rebranding. Hopefully.

The film, say those that have caught it, is great and Gibson gives the best performance of his career. Besides that, and as Mandy stated, it’s a pity that everyone else involved in the film has suffered because of it’s lead actors unpopularity – notably, Jodie Foster, director and co-star, who has spent the last couple of years beating this film into shape.

Suppose at least it’s going to come out now…. question is : Will anyone see it?

Summit have provided us with the following image as well as a heads up that the trailer will premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Friday.