Trailer for Mel Gibson’s The Beaver is here!


Mel Gibson as a depressed “nut job”? Some might say that’s a role the born-again cop-quipper was born to play!

I’m not going to say it, if only because I think there’s two guys out there walking around – The Mel Gibson we see in the media (the unpopular, rowdy hard-drinker) and the Mel Gibson we see in the movies. And since I don’t personally know the guy, nor is it any of my business what goes on in his private life, I just pretend that one doesn’t exist.

Look, I know a lot of you will snarl, maybe even spit, in the direction of this trailer, and even more of you won’t even bother going to see the movie, but let’s remember, the guy at the centre of this film – this terrific-looking film – isn’t ‘the hated’ Mel Gibson but a guy named Walter that talks to a hand puppet. Walter just happens to look like the guy from Lethal Weapon. But he isn’t. For the sake of enjoying the film, he’s not anyway. How about we all try and do that?

If we can forget about Tom Cruise’s silly couch-jumping, L.Ron Hubbard-stumping antics long enough for him to attempt to win us moviegoers back with his over-the-top and brilliant performance as Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder” then I don’t see the problem of us giving a Mel Gibson movie a chance – after all, it’s not the movie you have a problem with, it’s the guy in it, right?. More so, Gibson’s probably suffered enough, don’t you think? I, personally, don’t want to live in a world where Mel Gibson doesn’t make movies. I really don’t. Imagine if all this stuff had come out about Gibson before “Lethal Weapon 2” or “Braveheart”? Hell! we would’ve being robbing ourselves from some damn fine movies, not to mention two awesome performances.
More so, there’s more to the story than what we know – is this woman the innocent party? fuck no! Has the media played Flash Thompson to Gibson’s Peter Parker? to an extent, yes. I know it’s hard to separate the actor from the man, even look past the actor to see a character, but I think we should try…. because “The Beaver” looks fucking gold!

Check out the trailer :