Zack Snyder talks up Man of Steel


“Man of Steel”… ”Superman”…. Whatever it’s called…I’m looking forward to it with cautious curiosity. I’m just not… sure.. about it yet. I have to admit, whilst I love Christopher Nolan playing shepherd on the thing, this whole ‘All-CGI Superman’, not to mention the rumoured plot – Clark clashing with tribes in West Africa – has coloured my interest pad with shades of red. It should be green.

Never the less, I love Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” and am confident, particularly with Nolan backing him up, that it’s going to be a film worth watching… in the very least.

Snyder’s chatting to The Telegraph about “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” and, rather astonishingly, responded with more than two syllables when asked about his plans for Superman.

You’re directing the next Superman movie: that’s quite a gig. How do you feel about taking on the superhero that everyone loves?

It’s very exciting. Do I feel responsible? Look, as a fan, I want to make it awesome, so in that way I feel responsible. There’s an amazing film in there to be had, and I’m excited to get at it.

You’re working with Christopher Nolan, director of the last two Batman films (and the next one). Is there a conflict of interest there? Batman v Superman?

He is a generous and amazing talent and, as a producer, super-supportive even in just the few weeks we’ve been talking about it.

What can you say about it at this stage?

Nothing. It’s very early in the process and it’s going to be famously guarded. So there’s very little to be said other than I’m a huge fan and I’m excited to get started on this.

It’s going to be a reboot of the franchise…

In the sense that it doesn’t really owe anything to what’s happened before cinematically.

And apparently you’re getting $175 million to play with…

I have no idea. Nobody has said anything to me about that, but I’ll quote that at them. It’s a good place to start in the negotiations.

Now, that question regarding “Batman vs. Superman” – I’m not sure the reporter was referring to the film or just generally noting that there might be something competition between him and Nolan since they’re both working on big 2012 superhero movies.

What I do know is that there have been rumblings that this “Batman vs. Superman” film (You’ll recall that Wolfgang Peterson was attached to direct it at one stage; John Travolta, George Clooney, Colin Farrell and Jude Law were said to be in contention to don either Bates or Supes duds, can’t recall who was to be who though) could be gearing up again. No surprise, I suppose, considering Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films are coming to a close – well, in 2012, with “Dark Knight Rises” – and Warners are understandably going to want to see their prime investment continue to grow. Guess we’ll hear more on that about, oh, 2012?