Will Smith to play Robin Hood for the Wachowski’s?


Is this a joke? Have the trades accidentally set their April 1st post to ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Save Draft’? No, really… have they?

The Fresh Prince as Sherwood Forest’s champion crossbow charmer? Gotta be a joke, right? (Suppose it’s possible Smith’s playing the supporting role of Azeem, but he’d want the lead role, no?)

Shit… The Wachowski’s directing a Robin Hood movie? Why would they even want to….? Further more, after the unflattering performance of Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”, who would even want to bankroll such a project?!

Sounds absurd.

The filmmaker siblings, currently helming Iraqi war movie, CN-9, are very talented. That we know. But their choices from “Speed Racer” onwards have me dumbfounded.