Bakula may be in Quantum Leap movie


I spoke to Scott Bakula (“Men of a Certain Age”) last year – for his role in “The Informant!” – and, of course, just had to bring up the topic of the oft-rumoured “Quantum Leap” movie. Scott – who, by the way, was one of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever interviewed – said he’s heard a lot of rumours over the years regarding a feature film version of his ’80s TV hit, in which he played time-traveler Sam Beckett, but knows he won’t be involved.

50-year-old Scott – and you know he’s right – said the film will feature bigger, much younger stars that he and Dean Stockwell… if it happens.

Well, seems it is happening.

The good news? Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell will be in it.

The bad news? Two bigger stars will be playing Sam and Al.

Bakula, who will have some sort of cameo in the film, tells New York Magazine that his only wish is for the film to be “great”.

“I would say that about 80 percent of the movies made from TV shows that way are flops, and you wouldn’t want to see that happen to this franchise. It still has a big following, it’s a great memory for so many people, so my hopes are high that if they do it, it’s great.”

Donald Bellisario is writing the “Quantum Leap” movie.