Eastwood casting out of the Social Network


Armie Hammer is on the up and up…. but no, doesn’t look like he’ll end up playing Superman as many had hoped.

According to EW, the star of “The Social Network” has instead donated the next few months of his life to Clint Eastwood. He’s playing Clyde Tolson, Edgar J. Hoover’s number two guy at the FBI and also his secret lover, in the Leonardo Di Caprio starring biopic, simply titled “J.Edgar”.

Hammer is fantastic – loved him in “Social Network”, so not surprised he’s taking off. And not a bad gig either – an Eastwood directed, Di Caprio starring film. A couple of years ago, you’ll recall, Hammer was attached to play Batman in George Miller’s “Justice League” movie. The film was canned shortly before filming was to begin. In recent weeks there’s been scuttlebutt that Warners might be chasing Hammer for “Man of Steel”, in which he’d play another caped wonder, Superman. Considering “J.Edgar” and “Man of Steel” will likely film around the same time, I’d say it’s safe to count Hammer out of the running.

Also in talks for the film, according to Vulture, is the lovely Charlize Theron (now free as bird since “Mad Max Fury Road” has been canceled postponed) who has been singled out to play Helen Gandy, who was a lowly file clerk at the Justice Department before she was picked to be J. Edgar Hoover’s secretary.

The Dustin Lance Black (“Milk”) written “J.Edgar” gets underway early next year.