Kristen Stewart won’t play Snow White


Having recently revisited Disney’s classic “Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs”, which is jam-packed with suspense, humour and some oh-so-memorable tunes (Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…), trust me when I say this material is overdue for the blockbuster live-action film transfer! There’s much potential there… And yes, I know some have tried before (There was the Kristin Kreuk version, another with Sigourney Weaver)… but tried’s the key word there. No one’s been able to nail that yarn in fleshy form.

As previously reported, there’s a couple of different “Snow White” projects in the works (another was announced earlier today, it would star Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen), and they’ve all got some pretty interesting folk involved in an in-front of and behind-the camera capacity.

The one that seems to be inching forward the fastest is over at Universal and is called “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Charlize Theron’s onboard to play the evil queen and Michael Fassbender circling the role of the Huntsman.

In it, Fassbender’s Huntsman would be ordered – by the Queen – to kill Snow White.  He changes his mind, and ends up becoming a fugitive right alongside the cream-skinned stunner.

The studio, says THR, had initially thought of casting a big name like Kristen Stewart (“Twilght”) in the lead role of Snow White but has instead opted to go with an unknown – assumingly for financial reasons.

Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough, who co-starred with Kristen Stewart in “The Runaways”, is up for the lead, as is Felicity Jones (“The Tempest”), Aussie Bella Heathcoat (from “Neighbours”), and Swede Alicia Vikander. Hard to say who’d be the best fit… on looks alone, I guess Vikander and Heathcoat might be considered a close match for Ms White?