Exclusive : Streetdance 2 3D Casting, Yo!


Never saw “Streetdance”. Just not big on the twist n’ turn flicks. As it turns out, most of the folks that did see that one said it was quite OK – better than some of the rival ants-in-their-pants flicks of recent times, anyway. Didn’t know it made enough money to warrant a sequel but there you go. There was a casting call issued today by Vertigo, asking all managers and agents to submit their pretty Barney’s and Betty’s (Yes folks, to me “Clueless” was yesterday) for the movie.

Female Lead. All Ethnicities, 18 to 25. Seeking a smart, sassy, and smokin’ hot lead female with amazing freestyle dance moves. Rate: SAG scale…

Male Lead, Caucasian, 18 to 25. Seeking the new Channing Tatum… In need of a Fantastic freestyle dancer, with some great acting chops!! Rate: SAG scale

Synopsis : Two young dancers, from clearly two different worlds, come together, to learn and grow into each others dance styles, together battling it out in one today’s toughest dance competitions ever.

The James Richardson produced film lenses in the UK on March 14. It’ll be a 16-week shoot.

And I probably don’t need to remind y’all, don’t contact me about auditions nor send me any photos of yourself. I have nothing to do with the production.

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