Lucasfilm kill Han Solo!


…. 30 years later, they do what Harrison Ford asked.

Y’all know how big a fan of “Star Wars” I am, right? (Yes, I own the “Holiday Special”. I even have the original VHS issue from the early days of the VCR). Therefore, you’ll also understand how important a character… fixture… Han Solo is in my life. Like so many of you, I’m a vest-wearing pistol-packing smuggling scoundrel that bows at the alter of the Millennium’s Pop. So, shit, imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to discover that a new upcoming “Star Wars” video game had killed off not only Solo but Chewbacca and Princess Leia too! Shocking! Seriously! My mouth remains as open as Linda Lovelace on the job as I type….

These are the disturbing scenes from the upcoming “Force Unleashed 2” video game. Now no need to sob too many wetties, the game is set in an ‘alternate universe’ – so in ours, Han Solo is still out there insisting Chewie ‘Punch It’.

Is Solo still alive in the “Star Wars” novels?