Various Sequel News


Vin Diesel says “Riddick” writer/director David Twohy wants him to have three different looks (fat, bulky & thin) for the upcoming “Pitch Black” sequel. “So the director of Riddick, my partner on COR since the beginning, DT…has a new challenge in store. He wants me to have 3 different body looks for this next chapter…There is the DiNorscio type, the Dom type, and the lean Furyan type…but all in the same movie, haha…” Diesel is, of course, referring to the characters he played in “Find Me Guilty”, “Fast and Furious” and “Pitch Black”. “When it comes to art, we all like a challenge” (More…)

While not necessarily a sequel (suppose it still could be?) the “True Lies” TV series that Lightstorm is developing for ABC TV is a follow-up. Good enough, right? It’s a given that Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be starring in the TV series, so who then? Rumour has it that Wrestler turned actor John Cena (“The Marine”) might be the producers’ favourite to play the show’s fibbing hero. (More…)

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that, if he was to reprise any other character Jeff Bridges – who returned recently, after 28 years, to reprise the role of Kevin Flynn for a “TRON” sequel – should bring back Starman. And whaddyaknow? Bridges likes the idea, too. “Starman, what happened there? That’s kind of set up. Karen Allen is preggers. She’s got that little ball and stuff. What’s up with that?” Somehow I don’t see it happening, but it would be great to see Bridges and Allen reprising their roles from the ’84 gem. (More…)

TRON : Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski says he’s got some ideas should he be lucky enough to do a sequel. “I think we’ve created a world that has a lot of possibilities in it,” he said. “It was important to me that we created those connections back to the original film. If audiences are interested in this movie and decide they want to go back, and we can find the right story and a way to push the envelope again, I would definitely consider going back.” (More…)

Jessica Alba, out stumping “Little Fockers”, has an update on the long-gestating “Sin City” sequel. “We [Robert Rodriguez and Alba] were just talking about that actually in Austin, so we’ll see,” Alba said. “We kind of talk about ‘Sin City’ every now and again, it comes up. We both love doing it, and we’d like to do it again; it’s just kind of, you know, a matter of time I think.” (More…)

Even though it was originally planned to have Two-Face appear in two Batman films (the character was to be introduced in “The Dark Knight” and then return in the sequel), actor Aaron Eckhart (“The Dark Knight”) says he won’t be reprising the part for Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises“. (More…)

Harrison Ford’s publicist has denied rumours that the actor wants George Lucas to kill off Indiana Jones in the next film. According to a report that surfaced earlier this week, Indiana Jones would bite the dust in the upcoming fifth “Indiana Jones“, leaving Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams to carry the franchise from thereon forward.Ford’s rep says the rumour is “false”. (More…)

Last Exorcism” star Patrick Fabian says he’s heard nothing about a sequel, but wouldn’t be surprised if one got up in the future. “Well, the movie’s still out in different territories around the world, and we’re just concentrating on the DVD release as of right now. There hasn’t been any word of it. But it’s done so well, I can’t imagine that they’re not going to want to re-visit it at some point. As of right now, we’re just riding out the great first wave that we’ve had with the film so far. As my friends pointed out, they said “I don’t see your body, so that’s good news for you!” I agree. You don’t know what’s going on.” (More…)

Filmmaker John Chu, who directed “Step Up 2” and “Step Up 3”, hints that he won’t be back for the fourth film (rumoured to be titled “Step Up 4Ever“) in the series. “I am not sure what I am allowed to say. But I think we have an opportunity to do more and to switch it up and try some new things. Maybe stuff we haven’t been able to do in the prior movies. At this point, I think I will be around but not directing though. But we’ll see how that goes.” (More…)

Russell Crowe wants it, but director Peter Weir isn’t keen on doing a sequel to “Master and Commander : The Far Side of The World“. “That was a fascinating experience, but do I need to do it twice? I don’t think so”, says the filmmaker. Last week Crowe tweeted that he’d like to see a sequel to the film and pleaded his followers to get in touch with 20th Century Fox and plead for one. (More..)