Various Superhero Movie News


“Mad Men” beauty Christina Hendricks has expressed interest in playing ‘Wonder Woman’. Apparently rumours have emerged (haven’t heard them myself) that place the buxom redhead as the frontrunner for the part (in either the upcoming TV series or a film?). Says the actress, “I heard that rumour too – I don’t know where it got started but I love it! I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life! I’d love to do it. That would be such fun. Let’s put it out there!” (More…)

Stephen Dorff says he and “Blade” director Stephen Norrington are still trying to get a spin-off off the ground that’d fix on the actor’s villain character, Deacon Frost. “Me and Steve Norrington had a cool treatment for that, and when vampires got all this trending again, we thought we should do the adult version, more of like a Scarface Deacon Frost movie. And it sounded cool, this treatment, but then there was so many legal things. Like New Line owned Blade and Marvel’s got…all this hype into ‘The Avengers’ and this group movie which sounds like such a mistake….”, says Dorff. “Blade was such a ’90s thing. I didn’t want to do a Blade movie, I just really wanted to take Deacon and do then do a whole other thing which was much more today. So the idea me and Steve had, we might just end up fictionalizing it and just making a new character which might even be better for us. And he’s someone I really like and would love to work with again. So hopefully whenever we get a chance we’ll get into that.” (More…)

Rumoured “Dark Knight Rises” contender Tanit Phoenix has spoken a little about what she’d bring to the character of Catwoman if, by chance, she’d be asked to play that particular character sometime down the track. ”Any film directed by Chris Nolan I would be the first in line to audition for a role. He is an incredible director. Catwoman is a definite dichotomy. She is athletic and fearless, yet sexy and feminine…a strong female protagonist. Not only beautiful and deadly but incredibly smart. She is a daredevil with a mischievous don’t mess with me attitude. Playing this character would be so much work to give her character the justice she deserves, and yet so much fun.” (More…)

“Firefly” star Alan Tudyk is rumoured to be up for the role of ‘Ant Man‘ in director Edgar Wright’s long-gestating comic book movie of the same name. ”Alan Tudyk is not only locked in for a solo film for the character, but will briefly appear in The Avengers as the character’s scientist counter part Hank Pym Along with wife and fellow super hero Janet Van Dyne(both whose transformation into Ant-Man and Wasp will be shown as the after the credits scene in The Avengers). Both characters will be in the process of creating Ultron(who is set up for the villein role in the solo film). The solo film will start filming directly after The Avengers with a cameo from Wonder Man, A role that is actually being largely considered for Fillion.” Hmmm… (More…)