Pine : Some will like my Jack Ryan, Others will not


Last we heard, the Jack Ryan reboot flick “Moscow”, starring Chris Pine (“Star Trek”, “Unstoppable”) in the title role, was undergoing a script tweak (with Anthony Peckham charged the task of polishing), was eyeing a Spring start, and had just hired “Lost” director Jack Bender to helm.

In an interview with today’s Herald-Sun (via What’s Playing), Pine hints that the film might still be a ways off. He also doesn’t sound too fazed about being compared to the Ryan’s that have come before him (Baldwin, Ford, Affleck).

Here’s the transcript from WP :

Asked by the lovely Neala Johnson whether or not he was prepared to be ’stacked up against those who have come before’, Pine replies assuredly “Look, at the end of the day, people will obviously prefer one version over the other, whether it be Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck. I feel the same way about Star Trek – the only thing I can do is the best version of myself. I can only bring who I am to bear on the part and people either like that or not. Again, I don’t have much control over that, so all I can ask of myself is to do my best, try my hardest and to make sure that we have a really good story to tell, and then it to the hands of fate.”

Pine doesn’t know whether or not he’ll be doing anything as physical in the film as he did on Tony Scott’s Unstoppable.

“I dunno if any trains are gonna be involved”, the actor laughs. “I dunno what’s involved quite yet, I haven’t really seen the finished script, but some assorted running, for sure”.

As a huge fan of the previous Ryan films, and of course the Tom Clancy books on which they’re based (this one, however, isn’t based on a Clancy book), I’m really looking forward to “Moscow”. I think Pine will be a slum-dunk as Ryan.