Trailer, Images from Michael Biehn’s The Victim


We haven’t seen Michael Biehn for a while. Personally, I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” (One of the two films mashed together for the “Grindhouse” experience… that many sadly missed) though I believe he was doing a TV series at one stage. Something about Hawaii. To me, and billions of others, Biehn will always be Kyle Reese from “The Terminator” or ‘Hicks’ from “Aliens”, but that’s not stopping the man from getting out there and creating more additions for his gallery of characters. I think this one looks good.

In “The Victim”, which Biehn also directed, the actor plays a recluse living in the woods who encounters two young women (Danielle Harris, Jennifer Blanc) who have just witnessed a couple of deputies doing something rather disturbing.

We have been supplied with a new NSFW trailer for the film and several new stills.

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