Will David O’Russell save Vince Vaughn’s career?


If you’ve read my review of his latest film, the laughless comedy “The Dilemma”, you’ll know what I’m on about when I say Vince Vaughn’s shtick is getting old – quick. Heck, you don’t need to have even read that review, or seen it, you just need to have seen Vaughn in anything labelled ‘comedy’ released in the past five years – “The Break-Up”, “Couples Retreat”, “Four Holidays”, “Be Cool”…. Yup, cheque please! Vaughn was so ‘money’ back in the day, but it’s been a long time between hit and shit for the tall fella.

Teaming with David O’Russell, helmer of the Oscar hopeful “The Fighter”, could be the best move Vaughn’s made in eons. Vaughn is said to be attached to “Two Guns”, says Deadline, playing one half of an undercover DEA agent and naval intelligence officer team who, without knowing it, are investigating each other for stealing money from the mob (Owen Wilson was onboard at one stage; not sure if that’s still the case).
O’Russell, whose next film according to Mark Wahlberg was to be the feature film adaptation of the “Uncharted” game (starring Wahlberg in the lead role), is rewriting the script and directing.