Quick News – January 14, 2011


Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star in the Sam Raimi-produced “Dibbuk Box”. The pic, directed by Ole Bornedal, tells of a father whose young daughter buys an old wooden box at a garage sale; the duo later discover the box contains the spirit of an evil demon (not belonging to Morgan’s former “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star Isaiah Washington, apparently). (more…)

Terry Rossio will be going it alone on the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” film (yep, seems they’re making a fifth), his writing partner Ted Elliot won’t be returning for the new film. In addition to Johnny Depp, who is apparently already raised his hand to play Jack Sparrow a fifth time, “On Stranger Tides” director Rob Marshall is being courted to return. Question is, will I return for a fifth “Pirates”? (More…)

David E.Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” lives… maybe. Despite every major network passing on the new TV series reboot, Kelley is optimistic that someone will give the Invisible Jet a home sometime next year. Kelley noted that the script was “rolled out very late in the game” and said that he would bring the project back to NBC, which reportedly passed. The project reportedly failed to move forward there due to executive reshuffling. Get those scissors away from the Wonder-bra, chump! (More…)

Paul Dano (“There Will be Blood”) will join Robert De Niro in the comedy “Suck City”. Based on the novel “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City” by Nick Flynn, the film will star Dano as an aspiring writer who discovers his father is a local homeless man, played by De Niro. Paul Weitz, who directed De Niro in “Little Fockers”, is helming. Talking of ‘Suck’, what the heck is De Niro doing working with Weitz again!? Glutton for punishment? (More…)

The Drew Barrymore produced “Charlie’s Angels” reboot has been given the greenlight over at ABC. Mark Piznarski is in negotiations to direct the series which, as opposed to the original, will be set in Miami not L.A. I think it’s safe to say that Bill Murray won’t be back as Bosley. (More…)

The official logo for the upcoming “Lone Ranger” movie, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto (The Lone Ranger remains uncast at this point), and directed by Gore Verbinski is online. What I wanna know is, will the Ranger’s ancestor, The Green Hornet cameo?

Xavier Samuel (“The Twilight Saga : Eclipse”) and legendary Pink lady Olivia Newton-John will star in director Stephan Elliot’s next, “A Few Best Men”. The movie, which begins shooting in the Blue Mountains and NSW next week, tells of an Englishman (Samuel) who heads to Australia for to wed a local girl. Newton-John plays the mother of the bride – who is Hopelessly Devoted to Samuel (More…)

The wheel keeps on turning…David Boreanaz’s name is again being whisked around in relation to playing Superman on the big screen. Third hand news today suggesting the “Bones” star, who had auditioned for the role of Superman in 2005 (for Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”), may have requested a look-in for the new one (Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”). Needless to say, there’ll be hundreds upon hundreds of blokes testing for the role of the Man of Steel so it’s just as likely whoever is ultimately cast in the role is yet to have even been the subject of a news item.

Shannen Doherty says she isn’t keen to see her 1989 hit “Heathers” (made just prior to her big break venture “90210”) sequelized. “I’m weird about sequels to movies like ‘Heathers,'” the actress said. “‘Heathers’ was a cult classic, and I think it should stay that and not be revamped or redone another way. It was amazing and amazing for that time period, and it can stay there. I’m very proud of that movie. It makes me nervous to see it messed with again.” (More…)