First Stills from X-Men : First Class!


A few more photos – in addition to that shitty thing released yesterday – from Tommy Rothman’s “X-Men” prequel have hit the fiber optic interthingies. Gotta say, these pics make me feel a lot better about the Matthew Vaughn directing “First Class” – in fact, I’m a little bit excited; not wee-my-trousers excited, but very interested. Vaughn’s anointment as director coupled with the terrific cast – including long-time fave Rose Byrne and terrific thesps Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, not to mention ‘Ren’ himself, Kevin Bacon! – had sparked my interest, but that interest has now turned into inter-citement.

The L.A Times has the first two photos (the first featuring smokin’ “Mad Men” starlet January Jones!)

These next two are from Pete over at /Film: