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Folks walk out of Al Pacino’s latest!

Folks walk out of Al Pacino’s latest!

The film a few of us had envisioned – or rather ‘hoped’ – would be Al Pacino’s best in a while, isn’t. According to reports coming out of Sundance, the festival has it’s first bomb – just sad that it’s Big Boy Caprice out front of it.

“Son of No One”, the new film from indy director Dito Montiel (“A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”), stars Pacino, Channing Tatum, Katie Holmes and Ray Liotta. The pic tells of a young cop who is assigned to a precinct in the area he grew up.

The film screened for press and industry on Monday ahead of it’s closing-night premiere at the Eccles Theatre on Friday. Distributors across the board attended the first screening in anticipation of picking up the film. According to THR, many walked out of the screening. Some audience members also didn’t get through the whole film.

The trade says one audience member even attempted to get the room clapping following the screening, but “there were no takers”. ouch!

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