Fassbender starring in film formerly known as Alien prequel


”Prometheus”, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi pic that was once an ”Alien” prequel, has a male lead : “Inglourious Basterds” star Michael Fassbender, says THR.

Noomi Rapace (“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) is already onboard.

The film reunites Fassbender with Twentieth Century Fox, who he recently worked with on “X-Men : First Class”.

Like “First Class”, “Prometheus” has been crowned one of the studio’s big tentpole hopefuls; it’ll release June 8, 2012.

The storyline for Scott’s “Prometheus” is being kept under wraps but it’s safe to say, what with the film’s script starting out as an “Alien” prequel, that it’ll feature creatures, outer space and gung-ho chicks. Fassbender will play an android in the movie.