Did y’all hear the good news? HBO and Sorkin Unite!


Aaron Sorkin is heading back to the small screen!


While it’s been years since TV viewers have had the pleasure of a Sorkin show, it looks like HBO decided to fill the void I’ve been feeling since “Studio 60” was canned.

According to Deadline, the cable network sealed the deal with Sorkin and picked up the pilot of Sorkin’s drama series set behind the scenes of a cable news channel. “Social Network”  producer Scott Rudin and Sorkin are set as  executive producers and shooting is expected to start sometime later this year.

Sure the premise might sound a little familiar when compared to Sorkin’s other shows like “The West Wing” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” but, let’s face  it, Sorkin pulls off the walk and  talk and wit without a hitch.

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Katie Crocker - Associate Editor
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