Case of the missing Superman Producer


salkindbannerIlya Salkind, producer of the “Superman” movies, disappeared last weekend. The 63-year-old, who with father Alexander Salkind were responsible for “Superman : The Movie” (1978) and two of it’s sequels, had gone to Mexico to inspect property… and didn’t return.

A missing persons report was filed a couple of days ago and a website was launched in the hope that he could be located.

Superman Homepage reports that Salkind, who also produced the campy “Superboy” series, has thankfully been located. He is in a Mexican hospital for undisclosed medical reasons and, for some reason or another, hasn’t been able to contact anyone there.

I’ve spoken in great length to Mr Salkind a couple of times and found him to be a very courteous and intelligent man. I wish him a speedy recovery from, well, whatever he’s ‘come down’ with.