Various Casting News


So many signings over the past 24 hours that one can’t realistically keep up if they’re going to donate a page to each…

Former “E.R” star Goran Visnjic has joined the cast of David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (wait, isn’t that near completed?). The actor’s playing the CEO of a security firm that employs Lisbeth Salander and will be a part of the entire trilogy. Meanwhile the star of that series, Rooney Mara, has been cast in ”Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes” which tells of ”a young, troubled woman who becomes obsessed with her mysterious, new neighbor that looks uncannily like her dead mother.”

Larry the Cable Guy will take over for Dwayne Johnson in the sequel to “The Tooth Fairy”. Larry will play a man who tells some children at an after-school care program that the Tooth Fairy is make-believe, as a consequence he’s turned into the tuty-clad fairy.

“Lost” star Nestor Carbonell will join Sarah Michelle Gellar in the new series “Ringer”. Gellar plays a woman who, on the run from her mob, pretends to be her wealthy sister. Richard Shepard (“The Matador”) is directing the pilot.

Morgan Freeman and Annette Bening are in talks to star in Rob Reiner’s next film. Says the “Flipped” and “Stand by Me” director, ”I’m working on a film the title of it now is now called The Third Act. It looks like we’ll have Morgan Freeman and Annette Bening in it together. I don’t want to tell you more about it because we haven’t even started shooting yet. You’re the only person I’ve told. It hasn’t been announced. I’m directing –producing and doing some rewriting from an original script by a fellow named Guy Thomas.”

Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman have joined the cast of John Hillcoat’s next movie “The Wettest County in the World”. In somewhat of a departure, “Proposition” star Pearce will play a violent deputy in the film.

Amanda Seyfried is set to star in the thriller “Gone”, about a young woman who tries to convince the authorities that a kidnapper has nabbed her sister; not believing her, Seyfried’s character sets off to solve the mystery on her own. Heitor Dhalia directs.

Stanley Tucci will play a part he does well (“Beethoven” fans will recall he played one of the slimeball dog snatchers and, more recently, he of course played the lunatic menace at the center of “The Lovely Bones”), that of a villain, in Bryan Singer’s “Jack the Giant Killer”.