Smart guy aboard Die Hard 5


Those whose stomachs grumbled after the last “Die Hard”, not feeling at all satisfied, will be happy to hear that Len Wiseman won’t be back to direct the next installment (Wiseman’s probably too busy with the “Total Recall” remake).

According to Deadline, Noam Murro, someone rather new to the action genre, has been selected – by star Bruce Willis – to direct “Die Hard 5”.

Murro directed “Smart People” starring Dennis Quaid and Ellen Page but that’s apparently not what Willis liked – it was more these series of ‘Halo’ commercials that Murro had directed.


Skip Woods (“The A-Team”) is writing “Die Hard 5”. What would you like to see in his script? Should Holly return? What about that annoying news reporter from the first couple of films? The donut-eating cop who helped McClane in the Nakatomi Tower situation? Or Justin Long?