Nolan doing another flick about a screwed-up billionaire with wings


…. well, kinda.

You’ll remember a couple of years back that filmmaker genius Christopher Nolan was set to make a movie about flyboy cum nutter Howard Hughes. Getting wind of a similar project, Nolan instead went on to make a film about a guy with a leather fixation starring Morgan Freeman, while Martin Scorsese had the monopoly on Hughes’ biopics with his “The Aviator”.

Now that everyone but LeoBeautifulLeo1 and IWantGilbertGrapesBrotoEatMyGrape have forgotten about “The Aviator”, Nolan’s reportedly ready to tell his version of the Hughes story, according to a story implanted over on Vulture.

Whereas Scorsese’s “Aviator” fixed on the younger years of Hughes (Di Caprio), Nolan’s film – which will be based on Michael Drosnin’s book ”Citizen Hughes: The Power, the Money and the Madness” – will tell of Hughes’ later years… his ‘mad’ period, if you will. During this time Hughes had pretty much locked himself in a Beverly hills hotel room where he battled Germophobia and an obsession with Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.

Question is, who would play Nolan’s Hughes? (It won’t be his “Inception” star Di Caprio, since he’s already been there, done that) Most likely it’ll be one of Nolan’s ‘regulars’ – be it a Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Robin Williams, or even, may I suggest, Guy Pearce?

Who would your pick be?