By having me file this story you’re being saved from listening to Christopher Cross. Believe me. Had Clint been at the controls, he’d definitely have capped off this story on the “Arthur” remake with an embed from YouTube of the original’s theme song. Thank me later.

Nothing wrong with the original “Arthur” though – nothing at all, in fact it’s rather sublime. A very sweet comedy about a drunk zillionaire, played by the late great Dudley Moore, who falls in love with a woman (Liza Minnelli) who poses a threat to his wealthy well being (she’s a prostitute you see, and Arthur’s deemed to marry a rich, beautiful businessman’s daughter) it’s perfectly perfect.

A remake is here, with Russell Brand playing the never-sober slob and “Greenberg” scene-stealer Greta Gerwig in the ‘Liza’ role. The divine Helen Mirren steps in for the late John Gielguld as Arthur’s steadfast butler and right-hand man woman and Jennifer Garner plays the snooty so-and-so that Arthur’s supposed to marry.

I think this looks fun! You?