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Set Pic of The Joker’s new home in Dark Knight Rises! (Updated)

Set Pic of The Joker’s new home in Dark Knight Rises! (Updated)

Update! What’s Playing has heard from a source at Warner Bros who says the picture below is actually of an old set.

Please Note : Those expecting to see a giant clown-faced dome with a computer-generated Heath Ledger staring out one of it’s pastel-coloured windows may be disappointed with this story.

Batman-News (via the JoBlo forums) have received a possible (it’s still not confirmed if it’s the real thing… or just an unseen side of the ‘Batman : The Ride’ attraction at Warner Bros Movie World) set pic from the upcoming “Dark Knight Rises”. The pic, as you’ll see below, is of Gotham City’s resident nuthouse – the home of such loons as the now (seemingly) incarcerated The Joker.

This is the first we’ve heard of Arkham Asylum being featured in the new “Batman” film.. what do you think it means? Will we see the silhouette of The Joker being escorted through it’s doors at the film’s beginning? Will Batman find himself an inmate there? Or maybe this is where the new film’s villains end up at the end of the movie? Speculate away!

Meanwhile sir Michael Caine, back as Alfred in “The Dark Knight Rises”, spoke to E! News about the script for the film and the new additions to the cast.

“I talked to Chris last week ’cause I said I hadn’t gotten a script and he said, ‘I haven’t finished it.’ And he said, ‘I’ll finish it in two weeks.'”

“Marion Cotillard is in it? Nobody tells me these things! Oh shoot. I didn’t know. Well, Anne Hathaway is Catwoman isn’t she? Well that’s fabulous. Tom Hardy is gonna be great too [as Batman nemesis Bane]. He’s a tough British actor.”

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