Exclusive : Last Minute Amazing Spider-Man Casting!


Alicia here in Hollywood,

On my travels earlier today (travels, mind you, still taking place on a bicycle) I caught up with a casting agent who tells me they’re madly looking for an actor to play a part in The Amazing Spider-Man movie. The actor would play one of Peter Parker’s schoolmates, an exchange student from Italy.

They’re in a real rush because the sequence featuring the character is due to film on Wednesday. Most interestingly, the actor would not receive their lines until, at the earliest, the night before – that’s how much of a tight-lid they’re keeping on this thing!

After asking whether it was Okay to run the titbit, I was mailed over the character breakdown. Firstly, don’t send your resumes to me ha ha! This is just FYI..


Must be legal 18 to play high school student. Must have authentic Italian accent or be able to do an authentic Italian accent. PLEASE NOTE: this role works this Wed., 2/16 — actor must be available.

Get to it, Italian Boys!

Oh, are there any known Italian exchange students in the Spider-Man comic-verse?

Meantime, did you see the new photo and hear the film’s new official title?

Back with “Rango” stuff shortly…