Wall Street Leo Never Sleeps


Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio  are giving it another go, this time with the long gestating “Wolf Of Wall Street”, according to Variety.

The pair’s not- forgotten project stalled in a tug of war between Warner Bros. and Paramount a few years ago and just recently dropped out of Ridley Scott’s hands in favor of doing the Alien prequel “Prometheus”.

The story is based on the best-selling memoir by Jordan Belfort and details the drug addled party-boy lifestyle of a multi-millionaire stock trader, from living like a king, to winding up in the pokey for 22 months on charges of market manipulation.

While Dicaprio and Scorcese’s bread and butter seem to be ultra-dark characters with even shadowier pasts, word has it the script is a funny, fast paced romp, chronicling the bull market, “anything goes” days of the 90’s before everything burst.

Scorsese’s greatest strength has always been bringing scummy communities of people to an interesting light and like the monsters of ”Goodfellas” and the patients of ”Shutter Island”, these psychotic money grubbing douche bags of “Wall Street” seem to be perfect ammo for his cannon.

“Wall Street” won’t be Scorsese’s next film; his next – according to The Playlist – is “Silence”, a drama with Daniel Day-Lewis about two Jesuit priests who move to Japan to spread the good word and end up being violently abused and attacked.

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