Don’t Stop Believin’ in a Glee movie


It was reported a while back that the cast members of TV’s “Glee” were, when signing on for the series, also bound to a series of “Glee” feature film spin-off’s if they were ever to happen. Not really surprising. But something close to verification today with one undisclosed cast member saying that the whole ‘TV series then Film’ is indeed both the case and the plan.

Speaking to Hollywood Insider (who, we by the way, we must tip our hat to for announcing Universal/Justin Lin’s interest in a “Terminator 5” back in January; Deadline reported it last week) this weekend, one of the “Glee” gang said that a feature film version of the high-rating series is probably a given. When will it happen? No time soon just “before the majority of the cast is 30″.

It ain’t much, and as the columnist says there’s nothing really to tell nor is a “Glee” movie something any studio is going to be adding to their release calendar any time soon, but it interesting to hear that yet another series is eyeing off the big screen; it’s all the rage these days, no?

Would a “Glee” movie work you think? If so, why? if not, why not?

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