Morrison to Snyder : Don’t make Superman a Wimp!


Just watched Warner Premiere’s new animated Superman film “All-Star Superman”. Good show. Very good. While I’m by no means a comic book connoisseur, nor do I pretend to know much about the “Superman” world outside of the Richard Donner movies and the various TV incarnations of the character, it did seem to me to be one of the most exciting and interesting depictions of the Man of Steel. Having read some reviews of Grant Morrison’s comic series of the same name, I see a lot of you agree.

Morrison’s a big name in the comic book community, particularly with “Superman” fans, so no surprise that he’d want to weigh in on Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Superman” movie.

Morrison tells Hero Complex that he’s as excited as the rest of us to see what Snyder offers up as a follow-up to Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”. The comic scribe also has some pointers for Snyder and writer David Goyer.

“I can’t wait to see what they do. There are so many ways to tell Superman stories that might resonate with a modern audience, and I’m looking forward to see how Zack Snyder approaches it. Things I’d personally like to see are a non-camp Luthor, some other villains like Metallo or Brainiac and a more vigorous, go-getting Superman. The noble attempts to portray him as a Christ-like, American redeemer figure in ‘Superman Returns’ had the unfortunate effect of making him a limp and wimpy punch bag. Superman is a highly principled hero, but he’s no pacifist; he’s a brawler who doesn’t give in until he’s dead or the bad guy’s down, and I’d like to see a bit more of that grit. “

From the sounds of it, Snyder’s making the kind of “Superman” movie Morrison would like to see – one that encompasses everything “Superman Returns” didn’t (And yes, I’m still a fan… am I alone?).