Twilight actor up for new Bourne


Hollywood is set to replace Matt Damon…. no, not in a “Sixth Day” or “Unknown” kinda way, but in terms of the “Bourne” franchise. But you knew that right? Damon walked from the fourth “Bourne” film after Paul Greengrass, his mate and helmer of the last two films in the hugely successful series, decided he’d had enough of directing stuntmen in lavish locations. Sad but true.

Now, Universal are rebooting the franchise – well, kinda; they’re actually doing a fourth “Bourne” that, whilst it won’t feature Damon’s character Jason Bourne, will serve as a link to the previous films. For instance, there will likely be a scene in the movie in which a hard-nosed C.I.A guy orders someone to kill “that rogue agent... no, not Jason Bourne, the new guy! Barry Otto! (Or whatever they call him; not that Barry Otto would much care if the film used his name). You get the picture. It leaves the door open for Damon to return down the track, once he’s desperate, broke or needs an excuse to get back into shape after piling on the pounds playing overweight guys in Soderbergh and Eastwood movies.

Tony Gilroy will direct “The Bourne Legacy” – that’s the name of the new film; like the previous movies it takes its title from a Robert Ludlum book but will encompass a far different story – and he’s, according to Variety, now on the hunt for a lead.

These are the actors Gilroy is reportedly considering for, er, “Barry Otto” (according to Variety and Deadline)… or whatever they call the guy. Who do you like?

Universal is targeting an August 2012 release for “Bourne Legacy.”