West Hollywood Resnorter : Viggo the Superman villain!?


According to The Hollywood Reporter (as opposed to The Hollywood Resnorter), Viggo Mortensen is who Warner Bros and Zack ‘Give it five years and he’ll be punching out direct-to-video Beastmaster sequels’ Snyder want for the role of General Zod in Superman.

Yes, Mortensen. Zod.

Excuse me while I let out a mighty big fucking yawn.

C’Mon Zack, Dave…Warner Bros, let’s try – for once – thinking out of the box; if you must reboot Superman again, and if you’re so keen to try and expunge the memory of ”Superman Returns”, then why another love letter to Richard Donner’s film?

Sure, Okay, so the script for this new film likely won’t go over the origin stuff again (if only because Warner Bros doesn’t want to shell out the money for Charlie Sheen to play the sookie baby with a thing for capsules – – – I apologize) but by and large, it still sounds a lot like “Superman” and “Superman II” – right down to the villain.

[Edit : I’ve been informed Zod did appear in comics before film] Anyway…he was a great addition to the films – first time around. Thing is, he’s been done… to death. But more so, he’s the villain of the earlier “Superman” films – a film this movie is apparently trying as hard as they can (though not hard enough it seems) to distance itself from. Do you really need to see Zod, Non and Ursa take on the Man of Steel again? No. That, to me, stinks of the idea pocket book being void of ink.

Everything about Zack Snyder’s new ”Superman” movie, due out next year, has been deemed ‘different’ and ‘original’ – or at least it was, until Goyer decided it easier to simply port over the villain characters from “Superman” and “Superman II”. If you ask me, Warner might as well have stuck with Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” sequel, starring Brandon Routh, if they’re not going to go for the radical departure we were promised following their axing of that project.

As for Mortensen? Yes, he’s good… and would likely be good as Zod…
but it’s a waste of his talents and our time having the man playing a character whose beats we know all too well. I’ve heard they’re looking at Daniel Day-Lewis for an unspecified role in this film too, and I can only assume, now having read this news, that he’s also on the ‘Zod’ wishlist. I like Day-Lewis, and he’d probably do a good job of Zod too, but unlike Mortensen, I can already envision the Brit great’s response to being offered the role. Smart man.

“Superman” 2012 style will star Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent and, from the sounds of it, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. The role of Ursa is still to be filled (Alice Eve seems to be the frontrunner at this stage) as is Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Krypto the Wonderdog (my vote’s with that fucking fleabag from “Man’s Best Friend” – he gives good bark).

I hope my gut’s wrong about this new “Superman”, I really do, because unlike a few of you – including our own ‘Caffeinated Clint’ – I believe “Superman Returns” hurt more than Granny dying a day before the swimming finals. Well, maybe not that much.

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