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Caffeinated Clint : Our Oscar In Memoriam Tribute to Corey Haim

Caffeinated Clint : Our Oscar In Memoriam Tribute to Corey Haim

The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Scumbags disgracefully omitted the late Corey Haim from last night’s ‘in memoriam’ montage. A couple of others were noticeably excluded too (Peter Graves and Lisa Blount, an Oscar winner for “An Officer and a Gentlemen”) but I think Haim’s snubbing was the worst. For one, he was famous, just as famous – if not more so – than some of the talent that were included in the piece. Secondly, he was a good young actor that had been actively working in the industry for over thirty years up (until his death, at age 38, last year).
I don’t know whether the board simply left Haim out because of the ‘way’ he died (and if so, shame on you ‘tards!) or simply because they don’t consider his catalog of films to be ‘worthy of the Oscars’ (“Ewww, we can’t show a clip from Dream a Little Dream at the Oscars! That’s Outrageous!’) but one thing’s for sure, the old prune-chewing coots need to hang their fucking heads in shame.
Corey, we salute and remember you sir.

Corey Haim (1971- 2010)

What was favourite Haim movie?

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