Has Sondra Rhimes’ Off the Map flatlined?


Sounds like Sonda Rhimes’ show “Off the Map” – that’s the thing your female buddy has been describing to you as “Grey’s Anatomy in the Jungle” (it’s actually quite a decent show) – is done and dusted.

Yesterday we mentioned that one of the show’s stars, and cute “Twilight” fireree Rachelle Lefevere has signed on for a new series called “The Crossing”. Of course, should “Off the Map” get a second season Lefevre is legally obligated to do it, and thus her role in “The Crossing” will be recast (maybe with Bryce Dallas Howard?), but c’mon, someone’s obviously let the girl know that it “might be best to seek other employment”, haven’t they?

I think that’s a given, especially now that Deadline‘s reporting Martin Henderson, the male lead in “Off the Map”, is also eyeing a role on “The Crossing”.

NBC is making a big gamble that ABC’s “Off the Map” won’t be back by casting Henderson and Lefereve in their show, but considering the very soft ratings the Rhimes show has been snagging of late they’ve probably a reason to be this confident.

“The Crossing” is set in a Missouri town during the post-Civil War Reconstruction era and centers on Jason (Henderson), a Civil War soldier who crosses the country and settles into a complicated town where he is welcomed as its savior – whether he likes it or not.