Walt Disney tell us they’ve managed to entice “Toy Story” duo Tom Hanks and Tim Allen into a reteam…. on “Jungle Cruise”.

Yep, you know the ride at Disneyland where you travel down a river on a boat and run into all sorts of jungle animals? Yes, kinda like “Anaconda”… Anyway, they’re making a movie of it. I’d say “it’ll never work” but then I’d be reminded of this.

This will be the first live-action film that Hanks and Allen – who provide the lead voices in the three “Toy Story” films – have done together.

The little ones are going to be a big confused when they hear the voices of ‘Buzz’ and ‘Woody’ coming out of two middle-aged guys clad with binoculars and gaudy tropical print shirt, aren’t they!?

Roger S.H. Schulman wrote the screenplay (on the back of a Disneyland Map?).