The Jesters : Season One


By Clint Morris

When you think of shows that pull back the curtain on TV variety shows, NBC’s ”30 Rock” immediately comes to mind. A bit of a shame, really.

I’ve never been that big a fan of ”30 Rock”. Sure, great idea, and a wonderful cast (it’s made Tina Fey’s career), but the concept overshadows the comedy. How ”30 Rock” remained on air and the similar- themed ”Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (from Aaron Sorkin) didn’t is beyond me; one is an pleasurable enough time passer, that other was a witty, superbly well-written gem.

Aussie comic Mick Molloy’s new series ”The Jesters” (made for Movie Extra) is by no means ”Studio 60”, nor does it try to be, but if it’s ”30 Rock” it’s aiming to compete against – and it does seem to swim the same Chanel – someone best start engraving Jesters on a trophy.

Molloy plays a one-time TV comic Dave Davies,who’s now producing a TV sketch show called “The Jesters”, featuring a team of sophomoric comics.

Each episode Davies has to work his ‘Jesters’ into shape while keeping his agent on her toes.

A pisstake on not only those that work behind-the-scenes on these variety or sketch shows but also an insightful but mostly humorous dig at the media, publicity, celebrity and industry-ego, The Jesters plays like an interview with a stoned Charlie Sheen – it’s wired, it’s wacky, it’s ridiculous and it’s definitely got a lot to say!

Having worked in all different platforms of media over the years ”The Jesters” is the perfect vehicle for Molloy. The radio, TV and film star knows the mechanisms and mayhem of that world and then some (and nobody better to play a boisterous former commercial radio DJ), as evidenced by this biting small screen satire.

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