Charlie Sheen is winning at Call of Duty!


It’s been a huge twelve months for Charlie Sheen. He will get past this though. He will get help. And his next move will likely be a wiser one. Still, gotta feel sorry for the guy, I mean…ya know, that cameo in “Wall Street Money Never Sleeps” was rather embarrassing, no!? Blink..he’s gone! There’s got to be a support group for folks that have been burnt by distracting and forgettable fleeting appearances in “Wall Street” movies, right!? – I’m sure Sean Young would have the number.

All jokes aside*… no wait, let’s keep going with the joke. IGN has passed on this hilarious trailer they’ve made of Chuck Sheen playing the computer game “Call of Duty”.

Alicia bringing nothing but “purely and complete narlyisms” to Moviehole.

* Really do hope Sheen gets it together. We need to see that brilliant actor from “Platoon”, “Wall Street”, “Young Guns” and “Being John Malkovich” again!