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Sebastian Gregory, the self-confessed “kinda” real-life musician at the center of the new Aussie drama “A Heartbeat Away”, didn’t exactly get off on the root for with his female co-star. On the film’s press day, the Aussie actor, best known for his role on local soap “Neighbours”, tells CLINT MORRIS that he turned cerise red when “re-introduced” to lovely Isabel Lucas.

“Apparently I had met her before, on the audition circuit, but I didn’t remember her!”, says an embarrassed Gregory, “I had completely forgotten her”.

Thankfully, says the actor, Lucas forgave him and now they’re not the best of friends. “We live around the corner from each other now. We hang out. I know who she is now”, he laughs.

Obviously, Gregory wasn’t intimidated by Lucas, despite the fact she’d just come off starring in the blockbuster ”Transformers” sequel.

“I wasn’t really intimidated by anyone on the film”, Gregory says of a cast that also includes veterans Colin Friels, William Zappa and Roy Billing.

“It was just a great experience working with them, that’s what I mostly remember”, he says, adding “It was witnessing them do things like preparing for scenes, breaking down a character, and just getting into their headspace that stayed with me. Really cool.”

Gregory was in L.A at the time he was offered the role of Kevin Flack, a young aspiring rock guitarist who is forced to become the musical director of the local marching band.

“The script was sent through, and I passed originally”, says Gregory, pausing, “But I changed my mind – I think with Gale [Edwards] directing that I thought ‘this could be a really interesting project’.
“I auditioned – which was quite grueling. What wasn’t grueling was getting the music side of things down pat; I’d been playing guitar all my life, so didn’t have to really learn anything much in that regard. It all balances out”

Gregory’s now based full-time in L.A (“I got sick of the 14-hour flights back-and-forward”) where he’s trying to nab himself a plum role in, well, something. He hopes “A Heartbeat Away” will serve as a great showreel he can show prospective employers.

“I’ve seen a bunch of stuff from it, but not the whole film. I see it as a great stepping stone. With Isabel in it, it’s going to appeal to the American market. It’s also a film that, I think, will play well to the whole family so that’s going to help.”

Gregory knows he’s in the right spot if he wants to get work, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss his native Australia – particularly the locale they filmed “A Heartbeat Away” in. “The Brisbane Valley… it was just beautiful. I just loved fishing out there. Miss it”.

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Kevin Flack (Sebastian Gregory) has a dream – to play lead guitar in a famous rock and roll band. But being a Rock God in the sleepy seaside town of Montague isn’t easy. And neither is living at home with your mum and dad and your idiot younger brother.

Kevin longs to break free while his father – Edwin Flack (William Zappa) – is proud of his Montague heritage and for the past twenty years has been totally obsessed with his one love – the town’s Municipal Marching Band.

Today, the Band faces a crisis. The Montague Council is preparing to demolish the community hall, the band’s long time home. As the band prepares for the upcoming regional championships, Edwin is hit by a bus and Kevin is forced to take over as musical director.

At the same time, the local Mayor (Colin Friels) convinces the Council to close down the Band in order to make way for a tourist development project. But Kevin strikes a deal and the Mayor agrees that if the Band win first prize in the competition then their future is assured.

With the help of Mandy (Isabel Lucas) – the Mayor’s daughter – Kevin must get the Band on his side, rearrange an iconic rock song for brass and totally overhaul their dated routine…
All in four short weeks… And of course, his father must never find out.

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